Perian 1.2 ya disponible!

A penas ayer que les mencionábamos en una lista de aplicaciones gratuitas e imprescindibles para MAC OS a Perian ( permite reproducir mas formatos de video a quicktime) y hoy se ha liberado una nueva actualización.

Perian pasa a su versión 1.2, y con un tamaño de 3.36 MB incorpora muchas mejoras. A continuación les dejamos la lista de mejoras, por el momento en ingles y próximamente las publicaremos en español.

Perian 1.2 Changes

  • Matroska cover art is now imported as iTunes cover art [r1149]
  • Video tracks now have their colorspace set based on the size of the video [r1170]

Mac OS X 10.6/Snow Leopard compatibility fixes:

  • QuickTime Player 10 refused to open some files due to missing type identifiers [r1126]
  • Worked around 96khz HE-AAC audio tracks not playing or playing noise [r1128]
  • Extended Front Row subtitle hack to cover 10.6 and reduced its ugliness [r1130,r1186]
  • Worked around re-encoding files with subtitles not working [r1177]
  • Worked around some MKV embedded fonts being incompatible with 10.6 [r1193]
  • Fixed RGB HuffYUV video displaying black bars over the video on 10.6 [r1198]
  • Now compiles under Xcode 3.2


  • Using a debugger on a process with Perian loaded printed warnings about missing files [r1122]
  • Fixed decoding of WMA audio tracks [r1131]
  • Fixed a crash in LoadExternalSubtitlesFromFileDataRef [r1153]
  • Fixed some VobSub video tracks displaying with wrong colors [r1171]
  • Better support for tracks with delayed start times [r1181]
  • Fixed MPEG1/2 in Matroska playing out of order [r1188]
  • Fixed a crash opening files while they were being downloaded [r1227]


  • Fixed some top-aligned subtitles being too low [r1163]
  • Vertical text is re-enabled and works somewhat better [r1208]

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